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A Practical Guide To Dragons (practical Guides)

Practical Guide To Dragons


Author: Lisa Trumbauer

The author is Lisa Trumbauer and it was published by Mirrorstone. The child's book was available sometime in 2006. The book is mostly about Dragons and is perceived as ideal juvenile literature. The book has 80 pages and it has marvelously colored illustrations. It's 11.19" Height x 8.81" Length x 0.47" Width. It has a weight of 1.1 lbs. Visualize oneself as being the leading figure, contemplating and also desperate for an answers, add to cart by clicking the link below.

This lavishly illustrated guide showcases the wide array of fantastic dragons encountered on the world of Krynn. With tips and tricks every new adventurer can use on imaginary encounters with dragons, this book will enchant readers with both pictures and words. About the Author Sindri Suncatcher is a three-and-a-half foot tall kender, who enjoys storytelling, collecting magical tokens, and fighting dragons. You can catch Sindri in the midst of his latest adventure in The Wayward Wizard. Sindri Suncatcher– wizard's apprentice– opens up his personal notebooks to share his knowledge of these awe-inspiring creatures, from the life cycle of a kind copper dragon to probably the most efficient approach to counteract a red dragon's fiery breath. He lives in Solamnia and is presently studying magic under the auspices with the black-robed wizard Maddoc. The perfect companion to the Dragonlance: The New Adventures series, this beautifully illustrated title introduces readers to the looks and habits of dragons inside the Dragonlance world.


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