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Fire World (last Dragon Chronicles, Book 6)

Fire World

Orchard Books

Author: Chris d'Lacey

Brief summary:

On the planet Co:pern:ica, which is a parallel world to that of Crescent Lane, David is twelve years old and is trying to save a firebird that has been turned to evil by the malevolent Ix.
You might want to get a copy of Fire World a strong book. Written by Chris d'Lacey and it is published by Orchard Books. This book was released in April of 2011. This is a sequel to Dark fire. The hardcover children's book is about Dragons along with Fantasy and Supernatural and is thought of as first-rate fiction. This is the 1st Scholastic ed. of the child's book has 576 pages and it offers a great many black & white illustrations. The book is 1.9"H x 8.3"L x 5.9"W and it weighs around 1.5 lbs.

David together with the dragons are back inside the latest installment in the NY TIMES bestselling Last Dragon Chronicles! The evil Ix have taken more than a single in the firebirds, turning it towards the side of darkness, but the birds have a secret: They know concerning the existence of dragons. In a brand-new world, Co:per:nica, which runs parallel to that of Crescent Lane, firebirds roam the ancient librarium, a museum for books. But when 12-year-old David and Rosanna accidentally injure on the list of firebirds, they are suddenly thrust into a remarkable adventure. And from across the universe, one might come to their help. After destroying a trace of dark fire, David, Zanna, and also the Pennykettle dragons vanished.


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