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Drake's Comprehensive Compendium Of Dragonology (ologies)

Drakes Comprehensive Compendium Of Dragonology


Author: Dr. Ernest Drake


Dragonologists, look no further! Here, in a single handsome, indispensable volume, is gathered a lifetime's worth of knowledge about these magnificent creatures.
Permit me to reveal to you this great book entitled Drake's Comprehensive Compendium Of Dragonology. Written by Dr. Ernest Drake and it was published by Candlewick. This book was available on the 27th of October, 2009. The hardcover children's book is concerning Dragons and is considered fine juvenile literature. This version is the 1st U.S. ed. of the book is 192 pages long and it has a lot of black and white illustrations, add to cart by selecting the link below.

Dragonologists, look no further! From the esteemed Dr. Drake comes a beautifully illustrated, lovingly assembled tribute to all factors dragonological, featuring:— A guide to dragon species, with entries on anything from the well-known European dragon for the lesser-known hydra — as properly as pseudo-species such as the phoenix and the incognito— Insight into dragon biology, from flight to reproduction (with tips on how to tell the males from the females) — An in-depth appear at dragons' habits, such as migration, communication, camouflage, and notorious hoarding practices— A section on humans and dragons, offering secrets of tracking and taming, deciphering riddles, and becoming a dragon master— Practical essentials such as how you can help keep records, use spells, keep specimens, and care for sick dragons— A comprehensive glossary, index, and substantially much far more! Here, in a single handsome, indispensable volume, is gathered a lifetime's worth of data about these magnificent creatures. Call it an encyclopedia of dragonology — an authorized resource so definitive that dragon lovers everywhere are fired up with excitement.


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