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Dragonworld: Secrets Of The Dragon Domain

Dragonworld Secrets Of The Dragon Domain

Running Press Kids

Author: Stella Caldwell

Describes the world of the dragons, including their habitats, their different parts, their life cycles, and famous legends involving dragons.
Children love Dragonworld, secrets of the dragon domain by Stella Caldwell. Written by Stella Caldwell and the publisher is Running Press Kids. The went on sale on the 8th of March, 2011. The hardcover book talks about Dragons and is thought of as wonderful juvenile literature. Should you be within the library you can very likely look it up using the classification code, G. The book is 80 pages long and it is packed with colorfully illustrated artwork.

Dragonworld: Secrets of the Dragon Domain is a richly illustrated volume showcasing a comprehensive appear at the fantastic mythological planet of dragons-- with out the danger of getting scorched. The illustrations are so detailed that small text is required to explain each exclusive quality of these ornate creatures. Ignite the imagination with the painstakingly detailed, gallery-like approach of illustrations that present over you could ever imagine. The lavish artwork engages readers to look at every corner of the page, which consists of dragon profiles, maps, diagrams, and inventive memorabilia.


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